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1. How do I contact you for an appointment with you?

To better understand your needs, please fill this online contact form and include your phone number so I can follow up with you. 
Incomplete form will not secure your appointment. PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS.
I will confirm your appointment once I receive your filled-out appointment form online.
2.  Are you in NYC?
Yes - Manhattan, Park Avenue and Chelsea.

3. Those healing modalities sound amazing and I'd love to learn more as I have never ever heard of them before!
Thank you. I know I am always ahead of the curve from the regular mainstream but in time everyting I provide will be a household names.

4. I am learning there are more modalities than just massage therapy!
You are well educated! there are plenty of bodyworks out there but it is very important to have the gifted and healing touch necessary for a more therapeutic experience. Not all bodyworks are the same or equal.
5. It is wonderful that you have worked with HIV patients from the beginning.
I have been blessed with  my innate gifted touch and have helped those HIV clients with my refleoxlogy sessions. Addded to the fact that I astounded doctors when they tested my clients and saw my clients result from reflexology - they couldn't believe the imporvment in their T cell counts and reduction in neuropathy and how thir immune systems were better than it was before, among others.

6. I have never encountered any one like you!
Thanks, I am one of a kind. As one of my recent clients from LA said to me, "that the most successful bodywork therapist/s has/ve nothing on me because I am the most rounded and feel good in every sense of healing". To that comment, I thanked them very much as it made me feel great and rewarded like it usually does when I see the changes for the better from clients I take care of!

7. Any specialties besides HIV you focus on:
East and West; including reflexology (tibetan and western), acupressure, raindrop therapy (needle-less acupuncture), lymphatic drainage, organic aromatherapy and amazon rainforest herbs, Massage therapy and more.

8. Got foot problems, can you help me with reflexology?
That is the basis of reflexology and the practicality, if you got foot problems, we can use your hands or ears as referral points. Please note, that I provide a full hour on the feet during a reflexology session. Reflexology is NOT foot massage, therefore I do not do foot massage.

9. Ear too! as in ear reflexology?

Yes, you got that right!

10. I'd like relief from sciatica?
Relief from any ailment from A - Z sciatica, Plantar Fascittis, Neuropathy, other debilitating ailments, acute or chronic.  

11. Do you also teach?
I do - I have been educating the public in the Tristate area as well as nationally about it since... These days, every one is using "holisitic" being they don't know any better. Because even though it is a new concept, it is on this side of the pond, the difference is big! And anyone venturing into the field of natural therapies, must be able to use the term well. I hold classes in NYC, So anyone interested, feel fee to email. Classes must fill 20 students and it is every weekend: either Saturday / Sunday 12 - 5 pm. Bring a friend, a partner, loved ones to class and learn something different, new and rich in history. For classes, email me your details in NYC.

12. I am graduating from Swedish Institute of Massage, I would love you to critique me on my work, do you do that?
I have done so in the past to many of my friends just starting out wanting to refine their massage / bodywork skills, have been their guinea pigs by practicing on me, so on. Honestly though, these days unfortunately, I do not think students graduating from bodywork institutions know any better because most of them don't have the right skills - from what I have seen and witnessed. Everything is rushed, no focus on healing as a result doing things, for the wrong reasons. Only one of my friends I critiqued was good but after my refinement tips and practiced a few times on me - he got better and doing great now! Just FYI ... you asked!

13. Out of state classes, events?
by arrangements, if you are in a school or a center and would like me to be at your setting for the weekend or a week, it is all possible, byt email your details for setting it up.

14. I always read or known Holistic, not Wholsitic. Is there a difference? 
I am a WHOLISTIC Specialist - and yes there is a difference - Proper usage of the term is real important as it serves as ediucational pupses as well to the public and to educators from all over. [W]holistic (not holisitic) is a series of the recognition that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual entities merge during the session, promoting a synergistical effect more profound than holistic yielding a more meaningful meditative experience that address chronic stress and tension, including mental and physical and emotional stress.
Go beyond mind, body and spirit.

16. All scribe, my pix, and materials in this site are for adults over 21 years of age,  educational purposes and property of beepampered, footreflexor, footreflexornyc, Abbas Makki. Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist and Certified Master reflexologist. More over, it is prohibited to use by anyone without my permission.

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