“Your health is your No. 1 priority”, Mr. Makki’s wise parents always engrained in him as a child. Having been into health and prevention all his life, healing is a natural progression. For years, he has been helping others with their health needs and nutritional goals with his therapeutic relief through his innate gifted touch and nurturing positive energy.

This site is previously owned by Abbas Makki.  Mr. Makki is based in New York City, he is a Certified Master Reflexologist, Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist with over 10 years in Complementary Therapies, and has been practicing natural health and prevention all his life. His private practice NYC, NJ USA since 1998.

Mr. Makki wants to share with the public what he has blessed with, bringing the finest wholistic (instead of holistic) care available to the them coupled with his remarkably intuitive and healing touch.

Our bodies have the healing ability to heal themselves, yet if we are lucky, we know how to activate the energy centers, for better health. Mr. Makki’s universal reflexology healing techniques will enable those centers to be harmonious with your bodies, promoting a healthier sense of wellbeing.

Mr. Makki attended the New York Open Center because his friend begged him to use his talented gifted touch and consequently he successfully completed his reflexology program and was nationally board certified reflexologist (ARCB).

From then on, he has been helping and inspiring others to become in tune with their bodies healing ability to heal itself. Few years later, he completed his massage therapy program and attended his continuing education to healing conferences to include Dr. Gary Young, Chris Stromer, Bill Flocco, etc. Mr. Makki demonstrated his art and science of reflexology skills at New York Corporate Health Fairs in the late nineties, early 2000. He has had his private practice and shared a office space with a chiropractor in the heart of NYC and spoken at Newark Museum for Ethnoscience Day. Moreover, as the core reflexologist he has been attending to his Annual Client’s Beach Event in Long Island, New York to educating and demonstrating clients. Recently, Mr. Makki was approved to be a Certified Master Reflexologist by the National Therapeutic Certification Board (NTCB).

Mr. Makki was a member of professional associations for many years including, New York state Reflexology Association (NYSRA), Reflexology Association of New Jersey, (RANJ), Reflexology Association of America (RAA), and of course his ongoing status with ARCB and currently NTCB.

On Learning

As an insightful expert in his field and a [w]holistic practitioner; I will combine both thoughts to bring you my teachings, unique perspective, universal plus the western ways, covering all aspects needed to develop the basic skills to give the student a powerful insight, an appreciation to SELF – HELP and natural, [w]holistic living for a healthier and meaningful future! For over 15 years and a long time advocate in prevention and healing – I have been inspiring others to live well with the power of natural resources in our lives!

On Skin Care

For over 10 years, Mr. Makki has been in the skin field and was very dissatisfied with the generically upscale brands for cosmetics or over the counter skin / hair care products that he always looked elsewhere to take care of his Mediterranean glow naturally. For as long as he could remember, he was never into generic or chemical based products at all, so it was fitting that when he discovered Made By Nature, Inc., and his brother helped me to establish it as part of his life.

On Holistic Care

As a caring wholistic specialist, Mr. Makki educates the public on the differences between natural and traditional modalities so they can have a better knowledge for themselves and loved ones. He has been practicing in the in New York City at a healing professional suite, with other health practitioners. Shared a private practice with a chriopractor in the Flatiron district, and had a private practice in NJ since 1998. When necessary whether due to handicap or demanding schedules of others, he provides outcall visits to accommodate their needs. From to time, he travels around the country to bring new developments in continuing care to his clients and the public thus raising the standard of health and healing.

Community Volunteer

As the core reflexologist and community Volunteer, in 2001, it was Mr. Makki’s privilege to volunteer his healing services to the New York City Family Assistance Center (World Trade Center disaster relief), the Fire Department of New York, the New York City Police Department, the Red Cross and many of the other organizations involved in the relief effort. Later that year, he received a certificate from “Olive leaf Wellness Center” extending their heartfelt thanks for his efforts to providing bodywork and energy services in response to the 9/11 tragedy.

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