Importance of PPC Keyword Research on SEO of a Website

PPC keyword research is essential for the search engine optimization of a website. Keyword analysis is the key to search engine traffic.

PPC keyword research is absolutely crucial for a website’s search engine optimization. PPC stands for pay per click. It is a term often used in the world of internet marketing. Since most websites rely upon search engine traffic, the search engine optimization (SEO) of the website is crucial to the success of the website. Keyword research is important because it forms the basis of any SEO technique.

Website Designing: A Prerequisite to PPC Keyword Research

Before going into the details of keyword research, the importance of website designing must be looked into. Website designing helps to plan out the content of a website. Keyword research is possible only when the webmaster knows what content has to be presented to the visitors and in what format.

PPC Keyword Research Definition: Keywords

The term keyword can be better defined in terms of search engines. Keywords are those specific words or phrases that help search engines find relevant web pages or websites indexed with them. Whenever a website’s content is to be planned, there is always a central idea upon which the content is built. Keywords are those important phrases or single words that a person searches through search engines to find related information.

According to the keywords used in a website, search engine indexes and ranks it in the category it belongs to. Hence, keywords form the basis upon which search engines recognize the website.

PPC Keyword Research Definition: Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a tool in internet marketing. It is an advertising model in which advertisements are displayed on a website and the advertiser pays the website owner a certain amount as for the form of commission of displaying the advertisement each time a visitor to the website clicks on an advertisement.

Importance of PPC Keyword Research for a Website

The importance of keywords can be realized by the fact that PPC keywords help visitors find the website. The key is to find optimum keywords, i.e., keywords that ‘perform well’ and sometimes ‘pay well’. The idea is not to use just any text in the content, but to use phrases that real-time search engine users are using for searching items on the internet.

How to Find and Use Keywords in a Website

Keyword research can be understood in four simple steps. Before discussing these steps, it is important to know that keyword research helps better, if performed before writing the content for a web page.

A Simple Brainstorming Session

The first step is the simplest part. Sit with a pen and paper. Write down all the different phrases that a visitor could search to reach the content that is about to be written. These phrases could be single words or a phrase that describes the central theme of the content. e.g., if the content is about building a website, the keyword phrases can be ‘website building’, ‘website designing’, ‘how to build a website’, and many more. Prepare a list of these keywords.

Analyzing the Keywords

The next step is to analyze the list of keywords. For this, we need a keyword research tool. The best one available is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It is free to use. Open Google Adwords Tool and type in the different keywords that suit the content of the website in the space provided, each in a different line. When these keywords are put to ‘search’, the tool provides a list of the related keywords that are searched most by users globally and locally.

Now that we have the keywords that are being searched globally, it is time to select those that would best suit the content that has to be published.

Selecting the Keywords to be Used

This is the most important step. The keyword tool mentioned above displays the global monthly search volume and the local monthly search volume. It is natural to select keywords that are searched for more. Here are some factors that must be kept in mind while selecting keywords.

  • Search Volume: Mostly, keywords which are searched more will have tougher competition. Try to select keywords that have moderate competition.
  • Search Trends: The tool also shows the trends for the search of a particular keyword. If the content to be published is evergreen content, try to choose keywords that have a constant or growing trend for different months of the year.
  • Pay Per Click Cost: Do this only if wanting to monetize the content of the website. Choose high paying keywords as they will bring in more revenue.
  • Relevance: Lastly, follow the above steps carefully and select only those keywords that are relevant to the content of the website.

Incorporating Selected Keywords Into the Content

This step involves the inclusion of the selected keywords into the content. A professional marketing agency can help you in writing reliable content with the best keywords that suit the content. For the rest of the page, the use of the keywords should be in an appropriate manner. Remember not to stuff the content with keywords. Too much use of keywords is regarded as keyword stuffing by the search engines.

Use high paying keywords in the body of the web page and formulate the content around them. If contextual advertising is enabled for the website, and search engines find the content relevant, high paying advertisements will be placed on the web page and hence bring in more revenue.

Role of PPC Keyword Research in Maintaining a Website

After having built a website and successfully launching it on the web, it is also important to track its performance and improve it. There are several factors that judge the performance of a website such as the unique visitors visiting the website, the number of page views per day, the number of subscribers or permanent visitors to the website and many more.

PPC Keyword Research is an Important SEO Tool

Keyword research is extremely important because it is through these keywords that the search engines send traffic to the websites. Good content will always have relevant keywords. Also, the use of high paying keywords in the content increases the revenue generated from the cost per click advertising programs enabled on a website.

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