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Chocolate Delight With Organic Cacao Nibs

Although chocolate is definitely one of the most enjoyable and appealing foods in the world, the majority of brands now seem to have a propensity at causing problems with extreme weight and health conditions like type II diabetes. As might be imagined, those are hardly effects that would improve beauty and so chocolate is avoided. This is a shame since the base ingredient of cacao is actually quite helpful in improving health and outward appearance. Then again, such effects can still be enjoyed through Organic Cacao Nibs wherein the benefits are not hampered by other additives.

Organic Cacao and Beauty

Since health professionals began to discover the true culprits of the alarming rate of ballooning waistlines, chocolate is just one of many products that have come under fire for causing obesity and a myriad of other health issues due to the presence of sugar and other artificial ingredients. As such, instead of the plain old pleasure that people felt with each bite of the treat, guilt was added into the mix because of the expected addition to the scale numbers.

But such a distinction should not extend to the principal ingredient of chocolate which is cacao, as the seed has absolutely no capability of increasing the unhealthy weight of people. As a matter of fact, organic cacao has some frankly marvelous properties that will not only impart the much sought after blissful sensation to people once consumed, it will even improve health and beauty through the presence of abundant essential nutrients.

One of the star features present in large quantities within organic cacao is the famed anti-oxidants which are essential in fighting off free radicals. Since free radicals are responsible for a number of problems, chief among them being a greater likelihood of sickness and the advancement of the aging process, keeping them in check is kind of important to beauty and health.

Organic cacao also has plenty of other nutrients present such as magnesium which is very important in keeping a properly functioning brain and body. A deficiency of magnesium would cause all sorts of chaos in the body which will not make anyone more attractive. Also, organic cacao has the ability to make people feel fuller and so it helps in reducing food consumption and keeping a healthy weight.


With the advantages of organic cacao explained, the benefits of eating Organic Cacao Nibs would also be quite clear. Since cacao nibs are essentially fractured versions of the cacao seed, it will naturally have the same properties. A few things that people might like about cacao nibs though is its ability to make people feel fuller at a more impressive rate than even intact cacao seeds. By being in smaller portions, people take more time to eat it and they therefore become more satisfied without eating as much as otherwise.

Also, cacao nibs can be added into several food items which allows for more ways to enjoy it. You can add it into your salad, include it in your health smoothies or sprinkle it over your occasional ice cream. Hey, you’re allowed to enjoy yourself from time to time, you know.

However, just as not all brands of chocolate are the same, not all kinds of cacao nibs are going to be the same. There will be cacao nibs out there which have been processed using methods that destroy a lot of the nutrients of organic cacao, which makes them next to useless. So if you want to get the most out of the advantages of organic cacao to beautify yourself, make sure that they were prepared naturally and with its nutrients intact.

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Botoxed – You, But Younger

Some might say Botox® injections are for the elite and exclusive. However, with more than 2.5 million treatments per year in the US, Botox injections are hardly exclusive. Despite recent economic slowdown which has affected the sales of all luxury items including designer handbags and fine jewellery Botox® treatments continue to soar. So what is this treatment and how does it work?


Botox® is the trade name for a drug called botulinum toxin, a natural byproduct of the bacteria clostridium botulinum which is a nerve blocker. It has been used for over twenty years in medicine for muscular twitches and spasms. It is this effect which boasts its cosmetic value as long term muscle contractions is primarily the cause of the lines and wrinkles on the upper face.


To create ****** expressions we contract the muscles in our face. When you smile the muscles around your eyes contract to create wrinkles on their sides resembling the feet of a crow. Hence, permanent lines around your eyes are commonly known as “crow’s feet”. Looking up forms the horizontal lines on the forehead and frowning / getting angry creates the deep vertical lines in between the eyebrows (also known as anger / frown lines).


With age the skin loses its structural qualities and with repetitive muscle contractions over years the lines and wrinkles slowly engrave in the skin. The lines get deeper and alter their pigmentation making the lines and wrinkles more prominent and permanent. Paralysing the respected muscles by local injection of Botox® stops the lines and wrinkle forming thereby relaxing the skin overlying. The relaxed skin not only looks more youthful but any damage done over the previous years will reverse with time. Permanent lines will start to disappear and the treatment will knock off years of your age.


Effects can last up to 6 months by when new nerves start regenerating into the muscles to produce contractions again gradually restoring your original appearance. Then it’s time for another shot of injections and the cycle continues. Despite the cost per average treatment – the results achieved are second to none. Sometimes knocking a good 10/15 years of your age these injections have become known as simple, quick, and safe amongst the medical community. Common minor side effects include bruises (lasting up to a week), irritation and headaches, droopy eyebrow, a weeping eye or problems with ****** expressions most of which can be avoided by well trained and experienced cosmetic doctors. Serious side effects such as anaphylactic shock are extremely rare.


With so much money at stake, will doctors really put the best interests of their patients first? If patients look better and if by implication have improved self-esteem, with minimal chances of complications then there should be no ethical problem in treating those patients.


Botox® can also be used to improve chronic headaches, migraines, backaches and many more conditions associated with muscle contraction by relaxing the muscles that tense up in the respective regions. It is widely used in the oriental countries for patients with prominent jaw angles. Also, the same types of nerves that Botox® blocks also innervate the sweat glands. Hence, local Botox® injections are used to reduce sweating in patients with excessive sweating disorders most commonly on the face, palms, underarms and feet.


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What are the Alternative Health Treatments?

Today you will find many people are looking outside of conventional western medicine to treat their illnesses, conditions, and diseases. Western medicine does not have a holistic or integrative approach to healing, unlike alternative health practices. Western medicine views illness as either mental or physical and treats it as such. Traditionally Eastern medicine does not approach healing as separates issues that are to be addressed in an ailing human being. Alternative Health treatment in Eastern Medicine has a more comprehensive approach. When dealing with an alternative health treatment there is the approach that the whole being is out of balance and balance needs to be restored to enable healing.

Many people today are starting to feel that the western medical system of healing is too mechanical, based on one-shoe fits for all no exceptions, dogmatic, and totally compartmentalized. People don’t necessarily want drugs to mask or treat just the symptoms they are facing which is called palliative. Eastern medicine as an alternative medical treatment treats to eliminate the source of imbalance to cure the illness rather than just mask the symptoms with medication alone. There are many concerns these days about drugs and the side effects they cause, some of these side effects cause more harm than the actual disease.

There are many cultures that have alternative medical treatment as part of their traditions. These alternative medical practices have been used for thousands of years. Regardless of geographic location, these types of alternative health treatments have one thing in common; they all look to balance a person’s body to a harmonious state of health.

Ayurveda or “Science of Life” is considered the oldest known alternative health systems. As an alternative health treatment system, Ayurveda focuses on balancing energy as opposed to treating symptoms of an illness. It is a body/mind/spirit approach to healing. In this system, bodily health is determined by three biological principles called “doshas”. The three Doshas are Vata, which regulates movement, Pitta, which regulates metabolism, and Kapha, which regulates structure. When any of these things are not functioning properly or out of balance we experience illness and disease. The doshas are also aligned with the elements. Vata is Air, Pitta is fire and Kapha is water. When one of these doshas is out of balance one is given a whole regimen from diet, herbal medicine to exercises to balance one back to health.

Another popular alternative health treatment is Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. Chinese medicine, another ancient comprehensive system is premised on the concept that qi or life force energy flows throughout the body. The body is composed of negative and positive polarities called Yin and Yang. When the polarities are out of balance and create a blockage in the flow of qi then illness results. So in Chinese medicine to balance one’s body back various alternative health treatments are used such as acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition to rebalance the polarities to enable qi to flow freely.

Other alternative health treatments include Herbology, the use of herbs to cure and treat illnesses, homeopathy, where the dilute concentration of various natural substances are given in the alternative health treatment, and Naturopathic Medicine which incorporates many types of natural approaches is available as an alternative health treatment to conventional western medicine. Using an alternative health treatment does not mean that you still cannot go to a regular doctor. But it can be used as a compliment if you are getting conventional treatment as well. I am a believer that two heads are better than one. Let both practitioners know what you are doing so there is no conflict with medications and herbs.


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