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Pampering yourself for your prom: style time

When it comes to your Prom there are numerous things you have to take into consideration. You will be going into your final year at school and  looking towards the day when, as some people say, you ‘come of age.’  This is the time where you can be completely over the top and glamorous, whereas you are probably seen by your fellow peers day in day out in your school uniform. Your prom dress is going to be one of the most important outfit choices of your life, just like your wedding dress choice. We have put together a host of styles for you to look at and decide which prom style would look the best for this very important event. Once you have the dress down the rest will just fall into place…especially the choice of date!

Ruffled Bottom Prom Dress

The ruffled bottom prom dress is ideal for girls that are bottom-heavy as this design actually disguises it rather than highlighting the area. The smaller top showcases a smaller waist so this design is perfect for classic pear shapes. This style of dress will create killer curves and make the boys melt as you sashay by and the design of the dress will make you feel like a princess, if only for the night!


Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Pink prom dresses are the number one trend for next season, from candy to baby to raspberry, the only color to be seen in is pink. This is for hardcore girls only, as pink can be a real color statement and wouldn’t look anything less than fabulous with a splash of diamonds a slick of matching lip-gloss.


Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds can take a dress from gorgeous to ultra-fabulous, from embellishments on the waistband, to crystals scattered around the edge of the hem, the only way to look at your prom is to glisten! These dresses use diamante crystals to highlight the best areas of the dress, whether that be cut-out sections at the back, or the tiny waistline in an empire-cut dress, or simply around the top of the sweetheart neckline design of the dress.


Some Like It Short

Short prom dresses are a fantastic alternative to long floor-length gowns and these are perfect for girls that are usually the more casual dresser. Plus if money is a consideration the shorter dress will always have more chance to be worn again, especially on a night out with the girls once you hit college. We especially like the ladybug design above as a dress like this can say a lot about your character and this sort of dress will certainly be a talking point on the night. If you have fabulous legs then show them off in a shorter prom dress style.


Prom Princess

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess and your prom night are the perfect occasion to dress like one. These dresses are perfect to capture that princess quality with their sorbet coloured satin designs and carefully placed crystals. Halterneck dresses are set to be huge for next season, creating Marylin Monroe curves at the closing of a zip. The netting and taffeta bottom again hides the bottom half of the figure so ideal for pear shapes.


It’s All In The Pattern

Colorful and strong patterns are what can make you stand out at your prom or stand against the wall. Prom dresses like these designs require a heap of confidence and some fabulous heels. Patterns can work well in a room full of solid colors and the only way to work this look is to get a spray tan beforehand to make sure the vibrant colors do not wash you out. If you have paler skin then I would recommend you stick to lighter, fresher block colors and use accessories like handbags and shoes to really let the color play.


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